Rob Gronkowski pegs chances of Julian Edelman joining Buccaneers at (what else?) “69 percent”

We’re not the only ones not buying the Julian Edelman retirement.

Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski estimated for on Monday night the chances that Edelman will land in Tampa Bay, despite his retirement from the NFL.

“69 percent chance,” Gronkowski said when asked if there’s a chance Edelman signs with the Bucs.

“He’ll be back,” Gronk later said of Edelman playing again. “He’ll be back. Yeah.”

Gronk also was asked if Edelman is a Hall of Famer. Initially, Gronkowski said, “He’s a Patriot Hall of Famer, for sure.” Asked specifically about the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Gronk opted to be diplomatic, “I definitely think he has a great possibility.”

It’s unclear whether “great possibility” is stronger than 69 percent. Regardless, Gronk has spoken.